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Chris & Beulah

I used the earthy colours and cotton flowers because I think it’s different, classy and timeless.

How did you meet?

We went to the same high school and met in grade 10. We started dating in grade 11.

How did the Mr propose?

On a trip to explore the United States, we spent a few days in New York. It was winter at the time. I had always wanted to go running in Central Park. One morning when we went running in Central Park, we stopped at a one pond and he got on one knee and asked me to marry him. The next day there was a record snow fall in New York.

The planning process?

Most of my family and friends did something for the wedding. I started the planning by asking everyone to help based on what I knew they were good at.

The day you envisioned?

I always wanted a weekend wedding where we would braai the Friday and then get married at home on the farm in one of my father’s sheds. My big dream for the wedding was that all my friends and family could attend. I just wanted them to have a great time.

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Colour schemes, décor, flowers, style?

The colour scheme was earthy and natural. Black, green and beige were the main colours. The flowers in the church and in our bouquets were a mixture of green and white. The reception venue was mainly decorated with foliage and cotton flowers which we got in winter and stored until the wedding which was in November. I used the earthy colours and cotton flowers because I think it’s different, classy and timeless. It also saved a lot of money.

Did you have any DIY projects?

My dad painted the shed and built an outside dance floor. My mom planted a lot of flowers in the garden. One of our friends made us some of those strings of hanging light bulbs.

The dress

My dress was a wedding gift from my cousin who is a fashion designer (Sune Snyman Design). The dress was a plain, off-white and vintage-inspired. It was form fitting with buttons and a slit in the front with mesh detail at the top of the dress. The back had leaf-shaped handmade beading in a colour that was similar to my wedding ring. My cousin also made me a head piece with flowers and leaves which she made from clay.

All my bridesmaids wore dressed in different dresses which I bought from Poetry. They looked completely different but when they were together they harmonized perfectly in a matching colour scheme. I opted for this in order to take into consideration their different body shapes and tastes in clothing. Also, because the dresses were not formal they will be able to wear them again.

The wedding day

My favourite moment was walking down the aisle and knowing that I was about to marry my bestie. My second favourite part of the wedding was having all my closest friends and family with me on the day and for that whole weekend.

The unexpected

Expect the unexpected on your wedding day! Some of our lights did not work and one of my friends fainted (but she’s okay now). Luckily we had extra lighting and a generator. Everything else was perfect.

Advice for future brides

Don’t try to do everything yourself. Divide and delegate the different tasks to people who will be able to handle it and then forget about it. If something goes wrong, don’t let it upset you. Most probably the guests didn’t even notice it. Try not to spend too much money on unnecessary things. The only things guests remember is your dress, the food and how the party was.  Also, really enjoy it! The day just flies by. And lastly, remember the real reason you are getting married.

Anything extra

You only get married once, make the most of it!