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Whenever she moved, hundreds of beads sewn along the hem of her gown sparkled like morning dew.

Carmen Couture

Category: Bridal Wear & Guest Attire

Northern Cape

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About Carmen Couture

As a designer I have an intense passion to live out my artistic craft through my profession.

After studing at the Victoria Toma Institute of Fashion Design, Carmen Couture expanded to the point that we serve brides and matric girls across South Africa and even in Namibia. I enjoy trying new techniques and only order top quality products from London, Canada, China and Port Elizabeth. My trademark lies in my corsets, inside of my dresses. The way in which a dress fits on a lady is of utmost important and thus one of my big focus points.

We are a small team, but highly loyal to our clients. We uphold the Carmen Couture name through the respect we offer and the pride that we put into our work. Regardless of who you are, in our eyes you as client are important! I always say, “every client is like a celebrity to me.”

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