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Christo & Suné

A rustic theme, with a touch of lavender.

Tell us your love story

We met in high school, on the 10th of September 2007. Early on in our relationship I knew – this is my future husband. We had a lot of ups and downs. Fortunately, each fight only made us stronger. After nine years and one week, I can finally say – I am now his wife!

And how did the Mr. propose?

I anticipated this day for so long! There were a few times that I thought, ‘here it is now,’ and then, to my disappointment, nothing! We were visiting my parents in Malaysia. We went to an island in Thailand, and before leaving he told me I must take nice clothes for a date night. Again I thought – ‘here it is!’ The trip to Thailand came and went with no question whatsoever. We met up with my parents again in a place called Langkawi.

Some time had passed and I had forgotten about any engagement whatsoever. One afternoon, after a busy day, I said I am going to take a nap. Apparently while I was taking my nap, he went to ask my parents the big question. We had planned dinner with friends of my parents. Before dinner he asked me why don’t I paint my nails (at this point I had no idea what was lying ahead for me).

We arrived at the restaurant and everyone ordered oysters. I am not the biggest fan of oysters so I didn’t take any. My mother asked me to walk with her to the restroom and I did. When we came back there was an oyster on my plate. Christo asked me to please eat one, so I did. As soon as I had the oyster in my hand, everyone had their cellphones and cameras in their hands.

At this stage I did not have the faintest idea of what was going on. I thought it was perhaps to capture my facial expression while eating.  Boy was I wrong! As soon as it was in my mouth, I felt something hard (and almost vomited), and then I realised – it is my ring! When I looked down (already in tears), Christo was on his knee. Everyone in the restaurant stood up and applauded. Such a special and memorable day of our lives, which we will certainly never forget!

What was the theme/colour/style of your special day?

Rustic theme, with lavender. This is about all that I said to Sieglinda (Our wedding planner from A pretty Occasion). She did the rest and it was perfect!

Tell us more about your dress?

My dress was made by Ann-lee Couture. It was exactly what I wanted. I showed her a picture and within two months I had my picture-perfect dress. Before we were engaged I, like any other ‘head-over-heels’ girlfriend, looked at a lot of wedding dresses, and as soon as I saw this specific picture I knew, this was it.

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Christo & Suné Wedding

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More about your wedding day?

Wow, where do we start? I planned this day for about five years… Well that is how long I waited for Christo to ask me. I had a lot of different things that I liked – too many to decide. I asked Christo what he would like and he said he really likes the rustic themed weddings, and I wanted lavender. We also both knew that we want a small, intimate wedding. And this was exactly what we got.

It is difficult for me to say what was most special because it was perfect. It was colder than expected, but Sieglinda (from Waterfront Guest Farm) did not let that ruin our day, making sure that there were blankets for our guests, burners and heaters. This made everything even more cosy.

 Did you have any DIY projects?

We did not have much to do because Sieglinda took care of everything. My mother and I made the wedding invites. Mom also made our gifts which was a glass bottle and mints. Christo, my sister, and I, also made signs to show directions.

 What was your favourite moment(s) of your wedding day?

The moment after we said ‘I do,’ and I told Christo that I cut my hair and he started to cry. I love surprises, so I made sure he would get a few surprises.

It started with a small gift bag full of little gifts, including Superman cufflinks. I also cut my hair the morning of the wedding – he loves my hair short and I told him I would cut it after the wedding.

The last surprise I had for him was a violin player to play the wedding march. According to him, when I showed him my hair, it was simply the cherry on the cake and he couldn’t contain himself. (Photos to the left)

Do you have any advice/tips for couples planning their wedding?

Do what YOU want! It is your biggest, most special day. Remember that nobody knows what you planned, so if anything goes wrong, they won’t know. Enjoy it, and make enough time with your new husband to sit and take in what is happening around you.