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Jan-Daniel & Zandri

A vintage wedding with a large dance floor and delicious food.

How did you meet?

Jan-Daniel’s sister received guests for the weekend, all the way from Upington. As is tradition for the older brother, the responsibility fell to him to show off Bloemfontein’s nightlife. The evening started at Wiesbaden. At the same time I was getting ready to paint the town red with my boyfriend, and ‘coincedentally’ we ended up at the same place. After my so-called boyfriend left me there alone, I schemed to tag along with the Cruywagen party. Jan-Daniel initially said no, although to this day he will never admit it. Luckily when the party moved to a new venue I was in the car and that’s when Jan-Daniel’s eyes were opened to the beautiful young lady in his rear-view mirror.  On arrival at the Wild Boar Saloon he forced me to dance with him and on the second turn we fell head over heads for one another. To this day we believe in ‘love at first dance’ rather then ‘love at first sight.’ He still says nobody has ever stepped on his toes in quite that way before…

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Jan Daniel & Zandri Wedding

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How did the Mr propose?

We were engaged on the 19th of March, 2015. It was the day of Jan-Daniel’s graduation and all the family were there to celebrate. We had dinner at the Long Horn in Bloemfontein. During the meal I noticed that he was acting very nervous. When we ordered dessert after the meal, he jumped up to ‘say a few words.’ He was so nervous that he started babbling about all kinds of things before suddenly bowing the knee, and asking me the big question. I remember saying ‘thank you’ instead of ‘yes.’

The planning process

My very first step was to search for potential photographers and venues that would be to my taste. Then I bought a bridal book which had a list of all the things needed doing. This helped me immensely during the planning process. I was able to keep a record of everything that had already been taken care of, everything still outstanding, as well as tracking payments.

The day you envisioned

I am crazy about vintage styles with soft pastel colours. It was also important to me that everyone would enjoy the day with us. Lastly I knew that I wanted lots of flowers and ample space for dancing.

The dress

My dress was bell shaped, covered with lace. The bottom half was ivory coloured with pearl-coloured lace. Nice and simple, but also elegant.

Colour schemes, décor, flowers & style

I had a real traditional wedding with lots of dancing and scrumptious food. For flowers I went with Proteas, Fynbos and Herbs. The theme was essentially rustic vintage with lots of Protea colours. We used long wooden tables and put the flowers in wine bottles. Table décor was simple, but very beautiful.

DIY projects

We tried as much as possible to make things ourselves. The wedding favours, bunting, cake, shoes, serviettes, bridesmaids’ dresses, corsages, and the men’s ties were all handmade. My mom also prepared my bouquet just the way I wanted it.

The wedding day

 My day started bright and early at the hairsalon, where my mother in law provided plenty of eats and drinks for everyone. From there it was time for makeup at Allianto. The time flew by and before I knew it I had to get dressed and pose for photos. I wasn’t nervous at all,  untill the car arrived to drive me to wedding ceremony. My dad took my hand, helped me out of the car and walked me to my husband. At that point the tears were flowing freely. I don’t remember much about the service, but the reception was very pleasant and the food was amazing. After dinner we visited with everyone and danced the night away.

Advice for future brides

Remember to enjoy the day and don’t worry about anything that didn’t get done – nobody will ever know. Don’t rush things and remember the photos of you and your parents.