My Body, My Wedding Dress

Find the perfect wedding dress shape to compliment your body.


We all have a dream dress. You may have seen it on someone and thought wow! Or you may have put together your own design – bits and pieces of various dresses to create your spectacular gown. Sometimes however, these dream dresses that we create in our minds are not necessarily the best for our bodies. Certain shapes, patterns & colours can do more harm than good – not flattering at all.

Your wedding day is the one day that you should look your absolute best. So be sure to choose wisely and be open to different silhouettes and styles. Try on various styles – even if it isn’t what you had in mind – it may just take your breath away.

(P.S. Take an honest and supportive friend/group with you to your fittings. Someone to support you in a positive manner even if the situation may be negative; someone that will help you look and feel your absolute best.)

 Here are a few ‘guidelines’ for your dress according to your body shape.

Establish what your shape is. If you don’t know have a look below.

What Shape Are You?

hourglass_small  Hourglass: The Hourglass is a well-balanced shape where the bust and hips are basically the same size and the waist is narrow and well defined.

triandgle_small  Inverted Triangle: Also known as the athletic body type. The upper body is bigger/wider than the hips and waist. The shoulders are broad.

rectangle_small  Rectangle: Also known as Straight. The bust and hips are the same size/balanced. The waist may be a little narrower, but not well defined.

pear_small  Pear: The hips are much larger than the bust. The upper body is much slimmer and more defined than the lower body. Like a pear, the body goes wider from the waist to the hips and thighs.

apple_small  Apple: Also knows as the oval body type. The waist is the largest part of the body and undefined. You will have a large bust, narrow waist and a full midsection.

Now, for the dresses:



The A-line is a cut that is narrow at the top and extends out along the body in an ‘A’ shape. All body types can wear this cut. It is however, not the sexiest number.

The Mermaid dress is a tight fitted gown that flares out below the knee. It hugs the silhouette of your middle, hips and thighs. This is great for the Hour Glass shape, as it shows off your curves. If you want to be super comfy, avoid this cut.

The Empire dress is a high-waisted dress that is gathered just under the bust and has a long and free flowing ‘skirt’. This dress is great for the apple shape as it hides the wide middle and emphasizes the bust.

Ball Gown
The Ball Gown is a very full skirt with a fitted bodice. The Princess Dress so to speak. If you have a rectangular or boyish shape, the Ball Gown will make you look curvier. If you are very small and petit you may get lost in this silhouette.

Also known as the Column Dress, it is a formfitting style that follows the body’s natural shape. There is no flare. This dress will make you look longer. If you have a slim/sleek or petite figure, this dress will suite you. If you are pear shaped, then this silhouette is a big no-no as you will look out of proportion.

There are many more silhouettes, but the above mentioned are the basics and most common.
I hope you find the perfect dress! Happy dress shopping.

(Make an event out of it, it is fun.)

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