The on-the-day coordinator


This is a question so often asked. What to do if my budget doesn’t allow a full-on wedding planner? Or do I need an on-the-day wedding coordinator?

You need one. Every bride does. You need that one person that can take care of all the smaller details, answer everyone’s questions, and pull all the strings together on your special day. If you like, you can still plan and arrange everything on your own, according to your personal style, but then hand over to a professional to manage the logistics on the day.

An on-the-day coordinator can be better described as a month-of-coordinator. One month prior to your wedding, your coordinator will take over and finalize all the last details. He/she will do a venue visit with you to make sure everything is covered and that you share the same vision. On the day they will be there to run the show, taking care of everything from the very first delivery and arrival, right up until the last spoon is cleared and packed away at the end of the night. They will also create a specific timeline for the day and be the point of contact for all vendors.

Your on-the-day coordinator will welcome Tannie Grieta when she arrives with your wedding cake. They will be at the end of the aisle to keep the flower girls focused, and will even be at your side when you get on your chair for the garter toss. They will put out name tags and wedding favours, time your caterer throughout the night, and offer guidance to the waiters when needed. And they will do MUCH more, because they want you to sit back and look pretty.

What are the most important questions to ask when choosing your on-the-day coordinator?

1. Most important is to ask what their package includes. Does it include a specific amount of kilometres or hours that they have for meetings. Are they available for a rehearsal the night before? How many hours will they be onsite on your wedding day? Exactly where in the planning process will they take over from you to finalize everything?

2. You are definitely allowed to ask for reviews. Check out their Facebook reviews, ask for wedding photos of some work they have done. Do not only rely on website reviews – as the coordinator decides what they want to place on their website for the public and what not. Happy previous couples will always be a big thumbs up!

3. What kind of vibe do they give you? Are they organised and creative in the same sense? Do they share your vision and excitement for your special day? Your coordinator is going to become your best friend for one month of your life, so it’s definitely worth finding someone that makes you feel comfortable, inspired and equipped for what’s ahead.

4. Make sure you trust their capabilities. They will be your spokesperson at the end, and the most important day of your life will be in their hands. You must feel comfortable and at ease with them.


Your on-the-day coordinator will definitely become more than what the title says.  They will be your right hand, your peace of mind, and at the end of the day – the reason that you can enjoy every last second of the biggest day of your life.

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Wedding Coordinator
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