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Your wedding dress is something you’ve dreamt of since you were a little girl. By the time that you actually get engaged, you probably have a proper wish list of everything you want in your perfect dress.  It can be so incredibly difficult to find something that ticks all your boxes, and more importantly, actually flatters your figure.

Do your homework before you go for dress fittings. It will make the search much easier and the experience one to remember, not regret. We want to highlight your most favourable features and conceal the less flattering parts.


There are 5 main body types: the hourglass, inverted triangle, curvy, pear and rectangle. Although there are a lot of other factors to keep in mind when choosing your dress (colour, latest trends, your style and personality), I will focus on the most important aspect of body type today.


The Hourglass

– You have the most amazing body shape, with your shoulders and your hips more or less in line and a defined waist. You have to work what you’ve got!
– Wear shape and fitted styles to flatter your curves.
– Basque waistlines are the way to go.
– To show of your curves, you can go for a mermaid silhouette or A-line.
– Don’t do: empire lines, loads of ruffles and layers, or low waists.

The Inverted Triangle

– Your top (shoulders or bust) are wider than your bottom.
– Balance your silhouette by adding volume at the bottom and drawing your eye to your slender hips with detail around the bottom area.
– Keep things simple and structured at the neckline and bust area.
– Don’t do spaghetti straps. Rather opt for strapless, halter or wide straps at an angle.
– If you are into short dresses, you can put the focus on your legs with a short or knee-length dress.
– Don’t do: spaghetti straps or puffy sleeves.

The Curvy

– You have a full and voluptuous body with a lot of curves!
– An empire waistline will create a flattering effect.
– A lace neckline will soften the bust area and also be quite daring and sexy.
– Get something with a high neckline and a slight train. It will give you length and have a slimming effect on the body.
– Don’t do: ball gown. It will hide your curves and emphasize the wrong area.

The Pear

– You have a smaller bust, a neat waist and very sexy curves at the bottom.
– An A-line will work best for your shape, with a detailed neckline to draw the eye to your upper half.
– Strapless and one-shoulder necklines are best.
– Don’t do: sheath, tiered, high-neck or fishtail dresses.

The Rectangular

– Your build is mainly athletic, with your bust, waist and hips all the same size.
– Your options are endless, but if you want to create curves you can follow our tips.
– A mermaid gown is the way to go, because it will create curves.
– If you are daring and ready to put yourself out there you can go for a trendy crop top.
– A nice long slit to show of your lean legs.
– A voluminous peplum skirt will give you the curves you have always wanted.
– Don’t do: ball gown dresses.

After you have identified your body type and read a bit about all the do’s and don’ts for your type, it’s time to book your first appointments for fittings. Just keep in mind that you will feel beautiful in the first wedding dress you put on, but it’s good to get the opinion of the shop assistant who knows what to look for, rather than asking your best friend who is so excited for you that she doesn’t have the heart to tell you the truth.

Try on more than one dress to make sure you find something that highlights your most flattering parts. And then it’s time to say yes to the dress!

Marli Nel

Marli Nel
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