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In our day and age we have the incredible benefit of the World Wide Web bringing everyone closer, when in reality, we’re miles apart. Nowadays you shop online, study online, and work online, and social media platforms have taken the world by storm.

If most people you know have an e-mail account or social media account and check their smartphones or tablets often, it makes sense to go the route of creating a wedding website. Here are a few tips that will help you create a streamlined site that won’t just get the details of your big day across, but will also get your guests excited for the fun to come.

Save the date
Start with an electronic ‘save the date’ four months in advance. Personalize it to match your wedding style and include your website url (www.___.co.za) on the save the date.

Make life easier
A wedding website is one of the best platforms for bringing your guests together in one virtual place. Set it up, post as much information as you please, and with one link or touch of a finger, all your guests, family, and friends worldwide are informed and in on the fun.

Make it personal
You’ve put so much effort into planning your wedding and its look and feel. Stay true to the style of your day by incorporating it into your website, too. Whether it’s country chic or a sophisticated black-tie event, your site should reflect this.

Less is more
Wedding websites are a fun peek into the couple, their love story, and who is in the wedding party, but keep it short and sweet.

Cost efficient
Unless you value going old school, expensive paper invites really are long gone. Most web designing companies do all the work for you and still keep the costs low. Additionally, if you have the time, are creative, have a bit of designing experience, and are tech savvy, there are many freebies available. Unfortunately, you’ll find that using freebie templates limits what you can do. Also, check out the supplier’s approach to privacy and make sure you choose a service that provides password-protected access to the site.

Sites can be designed with all the necessary information, including directions to your venue and nearby hotels and bed and breakfasts. If you want to be extra helpful, you can even add a wedding countdown clock as well as a weather forecast for the big day so guests can plan their outfits! Also consider including a hashtag. Besides being a great organizational tool, hashtags engage your friends, family, and guests who are unable to attend your wedding, and also allow you to see everyone’s selfies afterwards. This gives you the opportunity of seeing your special day through the eyes of the guests. Your wedding hashtag doesn’t have to be incredibly witty. Look for a simple hashtag idea that’s functional and to the point.

Live RSVP’s
When deciding whether or not to use this handy tool, you’ll have to go with your gut. Most people think live RSVPs save time and many phone calls. However, others think that online RSVPs aren’t taken as seriously as paper cards, so it’s best to go the formal route. It could be a risk you take and, in the end, you may have to make phone calls anyway. We encourage you to evaluate your guests’ tech savvy-ness before making that judgment call.

Having your own wedding website is just another chance for you to celebrate and share your love. By setting up a wedding website, you’re bringing your guests in on the fun before they even get to the ceremony!

Enjoy and happy planning!

Truandie Louw
Web Designer
& Bloggist

A wife and mother. Promoter of noticing the beauty of the little things in life. Owner of ncweddings.co.za 

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