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Trens & Maryke

A vineyard farm atmosphere, yet elegant and pretty.
Wedding held in Kakamas Northern Cape.

How did you meet?

Trens and I stayed in the same hostel while studying in Cape Town, in 2007. The first time we actually met and spoke was at Klipwerf. All the students loved to go dancing there. We only started dating in 2013.

How did he propose?

This is actually such a funny story. Trens proposed to me on the evening of my birthday in 2015. He had planned a birthday party for me on the Friday evening, so we decided that I would take cake to work and we would celebrate alone on my actual birthdate. I phoned him later that day to tell him four of our friends were going to come and eat cake at our house later in the afternoon. I could hear in his voice that he wasn’t very keen on the idea.

That afternoon tea turned into a quick evening braai. Trens, who normally isn’t impatient, was so hasty and I could sense he just wanted everyone gone. I got a little upset by his behaviour, but then told my girlfriends that he must have had an altercation with our new gardener (this had happened quite a few times that week). When everyone left he went to go and mix the chemicals for spraying the vineyards and I took a shower.

I got into bed and got a call from a longtime friend. We hadn’t spoken in a while, so I knew this was going to be a long conversation. During my call, Trens came to call me a few times, knocked on the door, sighed, and really irritated me. I remember telling him that he was so rude. After finishing the call, Trens said there was an accident in the vineyards and I have to go and help him. We ran out (me in my pyjamas), and got on the golf cart. Then he blindfolded me. I immediately started suspecting something and my heart pounded in my chest. When he told me to open my eyes, he was on one knee in the middle of the vineyards, surrounded by fairy lights and candles. The reason he was so rude while I was on the phone, was because he was afraid the vineyards would catch fire. He asked me to marry him. I ran and lunged into his arms while crying and said: “You can’t ask me to marry you, I’ve got my glasses on” and then I kissed him.

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Trens & Maryke Wedding

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The planning process

One of my bridesmaids made me a planning book, which helped a lot. We wrote down all we needed, and what had to be done by whom. From the beginning we decided that all the DIY tasks would be done in advance, so that we could check them off our lists. Doing so removed a lot of stress from our shoulders. We actually managed our tasks very well – we didn’t want to fight while planning our dream day, and doing things in advance helped tremendously.

The day you envisioned

I wasn’t one of those girls who dreamt of their wedding day, so I didn’t know what colour I would like it to be, nor what type of flowers I wanted. All I knew was that I wanted to have a wedding where the guests eat delicious soul food and danced and partied the night away. Both of us were raised on farms, so we wanted to keep the farm feeling, but at the same time have a pretty affair.

Colour schemes, decor, flowers and style

We had the privilege of lots of family and friends helping with our decor and flowers. I had the most beautiful white and pink proteas which was the main focus. We used wooden tables with white tiffany chairs to encorporate a farm feeling, whilst making it elegant and pretty. My colours consisted mostly of white, green, and soft pink. We used lots of candles to create a cosy atmosphere with breathtaking lights hanging from the ceiling.

DIY projects

We did a lot of DIY projects and had many family and friends helping. Amongst other things, we made our own wedding invite, the church program, all the wooden signs and backdrops, the wooden table gifts, as well as the bar. Trens’ brother baked and decorated our wedding cake.

The dress

My sister got married a few months before me and I went to her fitting at Elizabeth Stockenstrom. When she fitted dresses I was so enchanted. I knew right there Elizabeth would see me again. My dress was off-white, fitted perfectly, made of soft lace, and very comfortable. My husband commented a few times that my dress was perfect and that made me feel even prettier.

The wedding day

My day was so relaxed and fun – we had lots of laughs and relaxed before the ceremony. I felt so spoiled and loved. If I have to pinpoint favourite moments it would be…the reaction from my flower girls when they saw my dress – they were screaming at the top off their lungs. My mother trying to hold in her tears. My father when he saw me get out of the car, and seeing him cry when he had to give me away. My sister’s speech about her love for me and her new brother. Trens comforting his sister while she was making a toast to her mother and their late dad. All the dancing of the night. Definitely seeing that everyone had their hair down and enjoyed the party.

A funny moment was in church when Trens nearly fainted and we had to keep him from falling down in front of the altar. The BEST moment was when we got to kiss as a married couple!

The unexpected

Luckily we didn’t have any surprises apart from Trens nearly fainting in church.

Advice for future brides

Try doing things in advance – little things can take up a lot of time. Decide on a few DIY projects and spend time to make them perfect. Make a “to do” list for both partners, and let them do it their way. Keep calm and remember that if something isn’t right – only you know about it. Enjoy the day, it really goes by in the wink of an eye.