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Whenever she moved, hundreds of beads sewn along the hem of her gown sparkled like morning dew.

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Image Consultant and Wellness Coach 

My role as an image consultant is to equip women with the tools they need to better understand what body shape they are, in order to be educated in the art of styling. I do this by creating body balance with clothing, determining what body assets and flaws are for illusion dressing, determining which colours work best and what the face shape is in order to suggest hairstyles and glasses that would work best. Additionally I help my clients understand how to create various outfits using a few pieces of clothing.

My role as a wellness coach is to help women who want to get rid of excess weight by helping them make better lifestyle choices, by changing to healthier eating habits and making an effort to exercise.

Not only could my consultation help you look gorgeous on your wedding day, it may also help you with image choices for the rest of your life. Dress for success and be comfortable in your own unique skin, change your style and step out in confidence.

Look good, feel good, perform.

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