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Villa Borghesi Guesthouse

Category: Bridal Suites

2A Schröder Street
Upington 8800

telephone icon   082 452 0489


About Villa Borghesi Guesthouse

The beautiful Villa Borghesi is a stunning guesthouse, centrally situated in the Green Kalahari in Upington. Perfect for guest accommodation, bridal parties wanting a spacious and relaxed atmosphere, or Mr and Mrs spending the night before they depart on honeymoon.

Our luxury suites are inviting and equipped with all the necessary amenities you may require. Imagine the excitement as you and your Bridesmaids get settled in, make-up bags at the ready, bridal shoes sparkling, hairdryers blowing and perhaps a bottle of bubbly on the go!

Amenities, furniture and decoration have all been carefully chosen to enrich your experience. Our garden creates for perfect photo opportunities and breakfast is included in all accommodation.

Whether its getting ready for your wedding day, or spending your first evening together, the suites offer just the luxury required to ensure a romantic start.

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