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How To Choose Your Photographer

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And just like that it’s wedding season again! It’s time to find the perfect match – and now I am not talking about Mr. Right, but about your vendors for your special day.  Most important of them all will be your wedding photographer, as you will spend more time with him or her on your big day, than with your maid of honour. I’m here to give you a few tips on choosing the right one to capture your big day.

  1. Do an online hunt. Look at different photographers and decide if their photography style is working for you. Have a look at their website’s ‘About’ page – as this will give you a sense of who they are.Make sure you find someone that you jive with and whose work makes you feel happy inside.
  2. Check out their reviews and recommendations. It’s very important to know the strengths and weaknesses of your photographer and to decide if you will be able to live with them. Are they good with time management and will they stick to your timeline? Do they offer good client communication and will they deliver your photos in an acceptable period of time? Are they social personalities that will make you and your bridal party feel comfortable in front of the lens?
  3. Make sure they have solid experience in photographing weddings. Remember that weddings are very different to any other shoots, as they are dynamic and live events.An experienced wedding photographer will know the flow of the day and will know where to be at the right time to get those stunning shots.
  4. Request their packages to see what they offer and at what rate.Will they fit your budget?
  5. Now it’s time to get personal: set-up a coffee date, give them a call, or set-up a Skype session. Figure out whether you like them or not.If you don’t, please don’t hire them. You are going to spend a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day and it is of utmost importance that you are very comfortable with them.

A few questions that you must ask your wedding photographer before you sign on the dotted line:


Is your wedding date available?
Who will be shooting your wedding?  May you meet that person before the big day?
How many years of experience do they have?  How many weddings have they done?
Can you see the full galleries of some of their recent weddings?
What is included in the standard package and what add-ons are available at what cost?  (transport, engagement shoot, extra hours etc.)
What will the deposit be and when is it due?  When will you need to make the final payment?
Have they worked at your venue before?
Will they be available for a venue visit before your wedding?
Can you request a list of specific shots that you like?
What is their backup plan if they cannot make it due to unforeseen circumstances?
Can you order prints or an album directly from them?
How long after the wedding will you receive the images? How will they be delivered?
Ask for a list of references.


You put a lot of time and effort into planning your special day, remember that the photographer will be responsible for capturing all of this. Take your time and do research before you make your final decision. Find someone that will be capable of telling your beautiful love story through the lens.

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